Healing Harmonica

Currently, I have a lot of activities in harmonica, but as a pharmacist, I have been involved in consultation with various people for many years.

My parents have been involved in medical care since I was a child, so I naturally went into that profession.I worked at a pharmacy from the National Hospital and received medication guidance and health counseling, but the consultation was not only about health and illness.


Everyone talks about various events at home and asks me my own views.At that time, I gave my opinion and advice that I think is my best.
And, feelings were lightened lightly when going well.

Then, it becomes strong in the association with the sickness.It's really strange to have feelings.After that, I felt happy to share the joy of the person who was consulted at this time.

Although it is a private matter, one time my family got sick and I couldn't work for the rehabilitation.During that time, it was a very difficult time.


It is difficult to keep your feelings calm when such a disaster occurs at home.That's when I met this harmonica.It is not always possible to do so even if it is brave in public.It was a harmonica rather than a depressed.

The depression that accumulates in various minds is only not so good if it puts it into words.When I started practicing harmonica and came to be able to produce a beautiful tone, my heart felt very cheerful, even if it was de or mi.

Yes, change of pace (^-^)

It is from my own experience without a.There is no firm confirmation.However, I believe that a small instrument that can be carried anywhere in this instrument will have a physical and mental healing effect.

This harmonica is an instrument that can play the tone of ten to ten colors by the oral cavity of the individual, how to send breath, and emotion if it blows.I wanted to set up this website and teach the harmonica to make this harmonica known to many people that can start no matter how old it is.

Fortunately, Nobuo Tokunaga, my teacher who knows his passion for harmonica, recommended that I become a harmonica teacher.


If you can enhance your QOL with harmonica,

I hope to be able to contribute to society.

If you are new to chromatic harmonica, you may be frustrated because it is difficult to produce sound.

We will teach you politely and gently.And I myself still do not go to the feet of the teachers who are veteran harmonica teachers.I will always study hard and hope to be of service to all of you.