With the development of the harmonica

Recently, I had s mouth flame with the harmonica, and I was in pain and troubled, so various thoughts came up. While wo...

Freedom is painful and fun.

When I looked at the post the other day, the mail from Dr. Tokunaga was mailed.

How to choose a harmonica 2020.8

What kind of activities are you doing as a stay home? I'm of course a harmonica and more. In my private affairs, I&...

Moon River/ How to Blow

The sage and parsley came back to life.It was a warm feeling.And the fresh wind and the soft sunshine.   On weekends, ...

Red Dragonfly and Daughter / Thoughts in Video Production

It was the first examination after leaving the hospital today.The daughter who is tired and forgets because it does no...

Love Plants/Grow Herbs/Life with Harmonica

I learned today that loving plants is an unexpectedly laborious job.                   I'm a little ...

What I think when I make a nursery rhyme [red dragonfly]

※ You can see the video of the red dragonfly in the lower. Steady activity To be alive sober .... I think it's go...

Harmonica Blowing Comparison (HOHNER SUPER64X vs SUZUKI Sirius) & Private Ad Lib Method

Hohner Super64X (formerly) and SUZUKI Sirius Try a lot of things! Trial and error recently.I make some videos, and f...

Copyright Infringement – Video Upload Struggle

                    It was deleted before the video was uploaded to YouTube before it was released. It is a...

Stay Home/Coronavirus

Private 😊🐦 Stay Home If you tap ⬇️, you can watch interesting videos while being ashamed.I'm serious about playing😊...