It's life that doesn't turn out the way you want it to, but it's not something you've thrown away!!!

Life is not a smooth sailing

But that's still not good.

If you're healthy today and have some fun!

And, it is around this time today when it has been blown off.

My daughter is in the hospital.

It's going to be two years soon.

I don't feel sad anymore( ́∀')

I remember her saying at the time that she wanted to learn harmonicas herself.

I'm waiting for the bus in the hospital waiting room now.

I'm coming to pick up her no longer needed luggage today.

... Recollection...

She had a hard time graduating from college. I can study, but I can't overdo it. She should not put extra stress on her. A little stress makes a person grow. However, this does not apply at home. I couldn't cut it when I saw this anguish on my side. .....


I've been on the harmonica, I've been running, and now I'm waiting for her discharge. (I was depressed on the way, too))

Why... She's so nervous that she can't go to learn.

She was a talented woman with a gentle sense of compassion, justice, and punctuality. Howt, the tension was also terrible.

I was so immature and sorry to be this man's mother in the past that I struggled to be the right mother for him. In other words, I feel like I'm growing up.

I think that it was not motivated if it was not Mr./Ms. Tokunaga though it was at the edge of the bridge in Nuremberg by chance that it was a chromatic harmonica.

I lad

dered Christmas markets all over Germany.

I looked


und for a change of mood of my daughter who was u


The teacher praised my way of playing with individuality well in the way of my performance, and the family was pedicing at my performance which changed the way of blowing which did not follow the example.


The harmonica is good. You're free! And... That's why I've become a harmonica teacher.

Now that I have students, I can trust them properly. (^_^)

So I'll tell you, right? I was pleased when I told her.



Her condition worsened again. And, the visit is prohibited again in Corona. Every time I choose what she wants to eat for a 15-minute visit.

Even 15 minutes are not allowed. Ruthless Corona!

Christmas 🎄🤶🎅 cake 🍰 not good this time.

But last time, it was good to visit a pile of cakes for some reason.

(^∀^) Hassa!!︎

I had about 5 different types of cakes and let my daughter choose them.

I was delighted❣️

I want to make her happy.

Musical instruments are prohibited in the hospital.

I was able to have SINOBIX (silent harmonica) in the hospital.



Well, the day she can get her hands on is likely to be a little ahead... (* ́꒳'*)

I think I'll play the harmonica and wait forever. Aim for a closed harmonica that shakes her soul. Well, I'm the only one who can blow it on the side.

I became her only treater from one day on. It is a Chinese medicine pharmacy which has been doing for a long time even if it says the company and the company that parents run. It's a four-hour round trip to the pharmacy. I stopped sending a lot of each day.

And now there's the harmonica.

The harmonica is waiting for you because it's fun.