Dead Leaves/Autumn Leaves I Made Karaoke!

I still have a lot to learn about music, but this is how corona is rampant, and I miss it because I can't get together with you for a live performance or a fun practice session or session.

Well, I like to make something by stuffing it now, but I do not know when I can really do it, such as showing off what I made easily or singing it.

When I was stuck making bread, I handed out nearly 30 pieces every day to my friends in the neighborhood. When I'm serious about writing pictures, I write my friends' children, I do illustrations for books, I take on public relations for the city and make posters... Well, I was not an expert, but I got illustrators and Photoshop used by professionals and created something that I was satisfied with. It's really elaborate.

There are two elaborate things this time, and one of them ... I'm making karaoke that might surpass your boredom.

Some things may not be good because I'm not a professional, but I think I can use them fairly.

I want you to use it if you like. It's fun to have a lot of karaoke, isn't it? Moreover, I think that it might be just right because the companions of the harmonica are elaborate now as code.

For the first time, I made a karaoke video in a way that can be properly seen by everyone.

We decided to give you a practice karaoke of Kariba Autumn Leaves on YouTube first.

I've been playing jazz for a long time, so most of it is jazz, but if possible, I hope everyone can make karaoke and use it.

I said at the beginning that I'm still unfamiliar with it, but I'd be happy if you could tell me that this song is the right fit. Please. Thank you very much everyone.

Actually, I made these videos for students who are learning harmonicas from me.

In 2010, I should have had my teacher help me, but I wasn't the one doing the chromatic harmonica. In reality

I was worried about not getting the rhythm well, so I made a similar video with a sharp rhythm.

It was not good with fluent and wonderful karaoke (minus one).

Another said that he would eventually want to ad-lib himself. So I thought that I would start practicing on a daily day by watching such videos from everyday. Therefore, I thought that I would put it out first not to leave it. So first.

In fact, when I play jazz, I can't get to the code.

People often tell me that it's possible because I have a sensibility.

I think that sensibility is not only born.

Look, remember. You learned 99 when you were a child. Everyone will be able to do it.

You've learned it over and over again by practicing it over and over again.

You all have a sensibility in multiplication 99, don't you?

In such a way, I would like to share with everyone what I was using at hand more and more.

I'm glad if you subscribe to the channel. Because it's worth it! It's motivating to think that there are people waiting for my karaoke.

Thank you very mu

ch everyone.