Akiruno Band Festival 2019 11/3

11/3 I rehearsed the Akiruno Band Festival yesterday.

It is an outdoor venue in front of Akiruno station on the day, but rehearsals are held in Yotsuya. Kojimachi Cafe Marina.

During rehearsals because of poor physical condition, he wiped the harmonica against the wall and leaned against the wall.Sound is not power either.

It took me a day to get the harmonica after I stopped by Taniguchi musical instrument because I couldn't fix it by myself.

That's why I was so exhausted on my way home and i was moved to tears because I didn't have the strength.

For the time being, it's just around the

I have to do my best to prepare for the 11/3 live performance😊💗

My BONIKURA JAZZ BAND is the second from the end.

Each band has 30 minutes including all the time, and 15:30 is the time of the band that I come out.

BONIMURA JAZZ BAND 14:30 (The description is a modified time.))
Postscript Tomorrow, it will be held an hour early because it seems to be rainy weather from the evening, so it became 14:30.
I am worried about the weather because it will be canceled if it rains on the day.I hope it will be fine🤲


There is an aside for a moment.Recently, it has become common for drums to enter in my head.The songs I wanted to play are very active in drums.

And, the tune of the enjoyment on the day which is still a secret now does not like it very much when the ad lib that I made happens to the score.

So I had no choice but to spend a lot of time thinking about it and i didn't have much time to do it, so I quickly listened to the harmonica player's songs that I liked.

When you don't have time, it's the quickest.

And it will be the number one study.

Why didn't you do 4 baths for bass and piano because you were a little tired and absent-minded?Let's put a second riff in, too?

I was laughed at a lot because I said what.

Oh, my God!I see!

I was involuntarily embarrassed.(= '')

But if you want to do it, you can play bass and piano.Decided to this by saying.

I'm happy, but it's a little fast and difficult, and it's the first time I've ever had an outdoor stage, and I just hope it goes well.