2019 August is over


I feel like autumn has suddenly become like autumn for the past few days.Please be careful because the legs and legs get cold before you know it.Cold is a great enemy.

And to prevent the cold of the harmonica

    Harmonica Warmer (^^^)

Taniguchi musical instrument who often goes is there, but I also have ❤️ detail.php

Well, I asked a friend I bumped into the other day, "When's your next live?"I was asked.

The health of the family was not good for a moment recently, and a lot of time was spent on the care, and it was not possible to start the blog because it was a difficult state.After all, if hospitalization becomes two people in the family, various inconveniences arise.

Because it is such a thing, the one of the state of the article is written is left in a number of states, and the story of the active holding of the live was sealed.

 My friends close to me set up a concert plan.

He understood my condition well and took care that it didn't seem to be good.I appreciate it.


Even so, only three live performances were scheduled for November.

I'm going to tell a few people who met my friend at that time.

They tell me that they are really looking forward to it, and I'll let my acquaintances know about it.

I was very happy.


I'll do my best for the people who listen to me!

I tried to rebut them to play so that everyone felt comfortable.


The situation is a situation, and I want to play a lot of new songs and play them to bring out the goodness of the harmonica, so I need to practice now. 

to do one's best!And

                       I'm going to give myself a happa——-


Then I'll write about what I lost my mind to during my recent harmonica practice.


I think all the year round when "I still can't play like this", but I thought that this would last a lifetime.


It is because [the thing that I can consent] and [judgment from others] are different, but there is no perfection in me who has a craftsmanship.If you get closer to the finished one.... I wish...!!! Is it?


However, I go to the practice presentation called the gathering of the harmonica which is usually held occasionally.


The other person playing the harmonica... I like to listen to the harmonica that is on its way to completion.


And you can make a mess of it, it's a practice!And it is good to be able to relax myself.


I feel that I love the sound of the performance while smiling, the same sound as I used to be with tension and shyness, the sound of the musicer that shows and hides the life and individuality of each person. Harmonica club gathering with constant laughter and conversation is good.

There was a lot of tension in the presentation, and the atmosphere was like before the final exam in my school days. Is it because I imagine it?Lol


I have many trials, Reiwa new year

Everyone will help me who thinks immediately.

I attach the photograph etc. of a beautiful thing such as beautiful flowers to a cute healing pet and send it to the e-mail.

I sometimes look at the pictures and smile with a selfish story.

Schnauzer looks like a philosopher (^ ^)


Well, let's let me know about the live in a little bit.



Anyway, I want to be able to do it now.

I'll put my best into practice if I can express myself well.

I was surprised that the simple cabbage at the yakiniku restaurant with sesame oil and salt was so delicious.Sashimi roast beef was a taste that I wanted to see yukke, so I ate two dishes.After all, eating grilled meat makes you feel better.( ́ ▽ ' )

Tokyo Tachikawa Yakiniku Wa Hanare