Blowing the Tremolochromatic Harmonica (SUSZUKI SCT128)

Cabatina (from Dia Hunter) In the chromatic harmonica, you will know the wonderful performance of Rei Yamashita.

Well, I tried to blow too...

Actually, this is the first chromatic harmonica purchase.I'm impatient and I'm never cut out for scientists.You can make a mistake!This type is stylish and with tremolo function, white things that you do not need in the hand if you do not order special!




Now!Hold this and go to the toko of Tokunaga Sensei of the chromatic harmonica!I'm pounding 💓 (but it wasn't a thing to indulge in me who had never played a chromatic harmonica at all, but the sound came out of the ska, so I can't play doremi either.

I bought SUZUKI Sirius just before.But when I met my teacher, I wanted the harmonica he was using.The lacquer harmonica was cool.Even though I couldn't blow it well yet, I asked him to give me the lacquer harmonica.

My Hohner chromatic harmonica no. 1 is a lacquer harmonica.

And i didn't see this harmonica anymore.

Well, let's undo the story.

I also tried to play Cabatina (from the movie Deer Hunter).Tremolochromatic.This is like a harmonica for collectors.STC128, which becomes a tremolo without permission, is all you can do just by making a sound.

And i've been waiting for my performance!The birds who start to practice their songs and memorized words.


I've just burst out and I can't get the hang of breathing.

If you blow it, the day before yesterday will come back to you.My daughter... She shed tears.I said it was a good song.She got sick again, so she took her back to the hospital yesterday.I couldn't see him today.

I will study this gentle tone for a while.

By the way, this song is an ear copi, so please don't say anything detailed.I'm not good at being told that chopin or Beethoven is as hard as a model.If you are in a classic field, please excuse me.

I would be happy if you could give me some advice❤️

Thank you for reading up to this point.