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Private 😊🐦 Stay Home

If you tap ⬇️, you can watch interesting videos while being ashamed.I'm serious about playing😊💦

Actually, I was too depressed on Friday.

Human beings are strange things.While working indifferently . I made a completely ridiculous video . At the end, I was able to get to the floor with a smile.

I'm a serious person and I've gradually taken off my wings.The child's mind has come back to life ('') 💦💦


The recording is a voice memo of the iPhone.I decided to practice while recording, and it was still a few times.Even if I record it, I don't listen to it.I had the courage to go this far.

I'm not the only one who's bored and closes my feelings, and everyone sees my harmonica growing. It's okay!Everyone will watch it warmly!I made myself hear good.

It becomes difficult to come out ad lib when thinking that it is recording.

I get nervous when I think I'm recording again.That's why I have Youm's Andrew perform with me.


This sound source applied the stardust of my wandering memory without the score without permission to the karaoke which I had picked up.


The ad lib part is the worst I've done a few times.I feel that I can record beautifully until the first half!It suddenly becomes hard in the second half when I think.However, I used this for the movie because it was the most beautiful as a sound source.The harmonica is a tremolo harmonica with roses in the sound of the example.In the room of the ordinary state of the living sound without a microphone . It's hard for me to hear.


!!!.. to get rid of the depression

If you're depressed, don't notice that you're depressed, work on something!

This is it!And one person scolds himself with manzai and encourages.

(The days of my struggles that immediately notice the depression continue))


※ Interesting video release in iPhone trouble of the time at all at this time had become a hold.I will upload it today.