Copyright Infringement - Video Upload Struggle











It was deleted before the video was uploaded to YouTube before it was released.

It is a beautiful tune in the melody of Okinawa called "warabigami".


You can't just upload it to YouTube.

I also received an e-mail from YouTube in the morning.

It was the first time that a warning would be deleted.There were not so many uploads, so I was shocked and scared.

It seems to be said that it is told to examine it from the beginning properly,

Because it was a song in Tokunaga sensei's old complete collection, it was unexpected because the teacher also raised the video to YouTube by the negative one sound source.


Recently, I'm appalled that copyright really affects myself as tiny as I'm just playing a harmonica like this.YouTube that anyone can upload.I know there are many kinds of caution, but don't you think it has nothing to do with you?


Because it is under Tokunaga sensei, the teacher has applied for JASRAC beforehand, and it has gone.


Well, on the day of the video production, after a tea party with Harmonica friends and their friends and me and birds of the southern country online,

I recorded this child god several times, and it was good of them.

And I made a video with a photo I took in Okutama on iMovie.

iMovie is a free video production software on MacBook Pro.


When I arrived at the riverside of Okutama a few days ago, I thought that I would like to play this song.When my sick daughter came to this house, she got a little better.Is it because I came into contact with nature?After all, the heart is healed when it touches nature.And, the tone of the harmonica feels exactly exactly exactly.


I quietly relaxed and relaxed to the sound of nature in silence.


I was blowing some of the songs I used to play in the river for the first time in a long time.But the mood is different from the song that I have played from the song that I have played a little bit from the one that I have played.


Speaking of rivers, moon river? Like the flow of the river?

It doesn't suit the upper reaches of Okutama.

I was wondering for a moment what would fit the atmosphere of the side in the songs I know. And I remembered that there was a virgin.



And, the ad lib of the teacher is imitated at first according to the negative one sound source, and the ad lib is changed as I want to blow while blowing several times and recording.I think this kind of challenge is also good for improving harmonica.


However, the song was automatically reported and is gone.Therefore, it was thought that it did not remake it, and it sent an e-mail of consultation to the teacher.

According to the teacher, such a thing seems to be common.

I learned by the report that dojin belongs to Victor Entertainment and should not use anything.

I was completely careless because I was using the sound source from the teacher.

Everyone is uploading something new than this song on YouTube and so on, and I thought that what I called this dojin was a pretty old song.


Anyway, I made it so far, but it's not... ('_')

I thought.

I can't make that Okinawa-like sound with the DTM software I have.

I tried to make backing with the sound source of the guitar in Bossa Nova, but I still did not like it.


What I felt in the upper reaches of the Tama River... I thought about making it only with harmonica now somehow.


Feel the nature of Okutama——-


I sometimes visit Okutama except in the middle of winter.When you're in a stressful state.I can't do anything at home anyway, so I think it's best to go there.



Spring and Summer. It's autumn, and I've never been there in winter.It's cool all of a sudden in other seasons.

It was quiet from the end of May to the other day in June.


The green is colorful.It was still soft and dazzling green.

This becomes dark black green in summer, and the cicadas lurking in it are chatting variously.

 So noisy.But in the grass, insects begin to insist as autumn approaches.

The grass is noisy, too.

Anyway, even if the name of Tokyo is different from the city center, isn't it?😌

The surface of the river

The noise of the wind.

The sound of the trees swaying...

Sometimes that?Sounds that seem to be .

It was finally completed by imagining such a sound for a moment...

It was not deleted this time!!!