Memorization of sheet music ad libs

It's a lot of effort to score ad libs.First of all, there might be a lot of people who think that it will not be possible to do the score.

If anyone thinks this song is good

You want to imitate it, don't you?I want to remember it!What

You think so right!If it's a score

I want to play it while watching it.That's why I'm going to score.

You can play with plenty of time when you score.

In addition... You can also apply the code from what you have learned.

It's like a puzzle.

There is no thing to say that you absolutely have to score,

I'm going to do it with the feeling of doing a score.

If you play it while looking at the score, the goodness of the finished product will change considerably.

You can play with plenty of time until it is close to the score.

It is the same as thinking about the hand of shogi (o^^o)

In order to be able to play well, even if you learn other songs step by step or increase your repertoire, try imitating them first and learn them more firmly.That's why I try to score.


How can I often blow without looking at the score?

They ask me why I can memorize such a difficult thing.

In the Spanish ad lib of chick core, "Arayurkomo xxxxx... Oh, my God.

I try to put words on the sound I hear.

The flow is monotonous (it means that the ad lib is not monotonous, but that the chord of the song changes less.)Ad libs are easy to get confused because the sounds used are often similar.

Therefore, I attach the story to four bars as a countermeasure, or I attach an image image.

I remember after a while, only the song remains and I forget the contents of the story,

For example, the most difficult thing was Tokunaga sensei's ad lib arrangement and the ultra-difficult caravan.

I applied an old Japanese song and a chanse to this.

Imagining a desert caravan

It is a silly idea to imagine the barriers of Japan, but lol

The lyrics are like this (o^^o)

🎶 and Ryanse and Ryanse

Where's the narrow road here?

It's heavenly god's path.

🎶's a little passing through.

🎶 can't pass the person who doesn't have the help....

How is it?

If there is any other nice way to up

Please let me know too (^.^^)

And as an aside, you can change the ad lib that the teacher writes on the score.

Ad libs are originally made by oneself, so I don't mind changing my weak phrases.

If you ask your teacher, you'll say that's fine.That's how I'm going to make my own original!

Unlike classical music, this area is free.

Let's try it without giving up.😊