I don't want to practice malaise/harmonica!

I don't want to practice harmonica anymore.I also have one.Well, let's call this the malaise period of the harmonica.


By the way, can you explain the period of malaise?I'm going to know the period of malaise more accurately for harmonica articles... I had to read the marriage site.I'm Tohoho.

If you're a widow... If... No... Let's accept the trouble of the newlyweds instead of the harmonica. Please see it because the corner about the malaise period of the married couple is set up by the snake foot if it is good.


However, in harmonica, I think that the malaise period is the ripening period.

Isn't it very nice to think so?

In fact, I think so.

I don't play harmonica all the time.This is a time when I'm lucky and crazy, for example, I've just learned a new song, someone praised me, I was able to do a phrase that I couldn't do, etc.

After the happy thing, the malaise period comes.

Yes sooner or later....

I can't run out of worries. I try to whisper that I'm a human being by hitoko painting by hitoko


Oh... Where on earth did you go in those happy days?




So what do you do in the time between?All you have to do is take the plunge and leave the harmonica on your cheek.


Because if you're going to do it as a hobby... It's stressful if you're doing it hard.It's totally different to do 100 in stress and finally learn one, and to feel like you're in the mood and learn one.

Even if you do the same thing for a long time, you won't see any change, and you have to spread the sights during this time.


The time will come again when you will definitely want to do it.You can take a day off until then.So if you quit, that's fine.There may be other good encounters waiting for you.But... If you want to blow again, you can do it.I believe that harmonica has a charm to draw in.

Do you eat French food every day?For example, I love Ikura.And, I buy the ikura by the streak and make it to Ikura by myself.You can make a lot of ikura rice bowl.But I'm getting tired of it.If you eat until it's all right, in other words, the harmonica is already good.But I want to play harmonica like I want to eat Ikura again.

This period of malaise comes at every stage.

It is also for professionals.But it's hard, isn't it?You have to keep doing that.That's why it's my job.There must be days when professionals have no choice but to do it.For example, you can't play the harmonica in the most pleasant mood on a stomach-wrenching day.I understand very well that when it comes to work, it becomes fun.That's why I respect them.


The period of malaise of the husband and wife...

A lover and a married couple are different.If you have a place, the environment will change.Because the life together begins.

When it comes to life, the two of us are no longer having fun together.Isn't there anything that you say that what you allow when you are a lover will become unforgivable if you are married and living?

Getting married also creates a lot of responsibility.The role is also increasing at all unlike the lover age.

It was fun to meet you. I'm happy just to be with you... How long does it become a dead word?

You can imagine the harmonica from around here, too.

Oh, I'm so happy just to have doremi!!! What a beautiful sound I've come to be able to make❣️

When I was a lover, there was a crush.To meet her when I meet him is not!It was a daily] .There was a pounding and glitter.

There is, and it stares at each other.Dating on the coast... The two of them are looking at the setting sun beyond the horizon.I watch the same movie together and am immersed in the aftertaste.

But once you get married... You know that, don't you?

"Isn't that different?"Why are you just lying around after watching the show, and I have to clean up the kitchen?I'm working too!And so on.

For the time being, both opinions are different.There are two people here who were happy to be here now.

Malaise period..... Oh!Tragedy born by marriage.

Those days when I was happy just to be a lover!


(In those days when I was happy just to make a sound if it was a harmonica... These days I feel miserable that I can't play as much as Toots Sealmans. I think that it is not possible to do because it is the same person. But it's a harmonica, so it's peaceful 😅.)

........... "It wasn't supposed to be like this"

Once or twice, everyone thinks like this.

Because the cause of the malaise period for the married couple is various, it differs by the number of married couples.

Forget about care!The crush at that time is replaced with the recognition different from the illusion.

If you see them every day, you won't notice the little things, and it becomes a matter of course.

The other party's behavior pattern comes into view.What I was worried about a little while ago looks very big.I'm getting more and more frustrated.

This may build up and gradually cool my feelings😓💦💦💦

After that, I really want to do it, but I can't worry about it when I'm dealing with someone.

No longer fashionable?(I don't know because I don't have that feeling.)I like you in nature!It is not.

Just the Way You Are When You Listen To The Phrase... I want to grieve.

Can you take care of me a little?

In a word, respect for the other party is low.

Well, "Go the opposite way to get through the malaise period!"That's the answer to the marriage site.

We have to find the answer ourselves.

Harmonica in that respect is safe.If you don't want to do harmonica anymore, please let me know if you're in a period of malaise.

I remember.. This is what a great blues harp player i once met at WHF taught me."The harmonica sounds good when you go to bed!"This is true!」

It's not a lie.

When I asked some experts, they still got the answer.


It is almost a harmonica essay.Thank you very much for reading this far.Harmonica Essayist HITOCO 😅