Quality and quantity of harmonica practice for the first time

(It is an article that I do not want to read a little to a big veteran 😅)

"Well, why are you so good?"」

I don't really think I'm good at it😅 so I'm practicing.It's going to be a little better if we do this a little bit bit, right?And, it aims at a pleasant tone even if I also listen to surroundings.


I want to know my friend who is playing harmonica and do something, regardless of whether he's good or bad.That's why I'm doing live performances, but when I see the faces that everyone enjoys, I'm happy to do it too.


But someday I want to be more "good at myself".

I'm nervous even though it's live.There are mistakes, too.

I do not think that it is good because it is the present of feelings that it is the body of the training at any time.😊

However, it is glad to think that it is good.Thank you so much.


I want you to be better.I've been changing so much that I can tell everyone.My good is different from being a veteran.After a lot of trial and error, I'm playing it so that it sounds a little better.

I'll tell you some of the secrets.Then everyone will feel happy, won't they?😊

Oh, my God!The answer ahead!

Why are you so good.... It's because I'm practicing.

Yes!I practice a lot.I'm doing research.

"After all!」

Please don't tell me after all.😊 you knew the answer.

Well, the harmonica improvement article is from here.

I'll tell you the truth.
Well, you're practicing hard, but if you do as much as I do, you can do the same.This is the answer.

There is a person who often says the quality well.

Progress is more quantity than quality at first.
People who are getting better are practicing very hard.Let's practice because it is a waste of time to rattle it.increases.
Of course, there is a good point.This may reduce the amount of practice.But it's a long way off.

I mastered the basics in March.It was a great test for me to play the instrument for the first time.

I'm always calculating.

This phrase and that phrase position are different, but the same blow.This phrase is in this song and in that song.I'm always conscious of this, whether it's about songs or basic practice.


That's why I've always said on Twitter that I'm going to learn what I'm going to learn and listen to it.



If you think about pop and JAZZ, you will always have the same theme in classical music.It is important to learn that part well.


I didn't play harmonica since I was a child.It is difficult to establish a song that I learned and fell in love with by starting harmonica.

In addition, it does not go as when I usually blow alone even more because it is stressful to announce in public!I understand that feeling well.

Well, it still takes time to accumulate.


I'm not much of a Harmonica until now, but I'm doing a lot of study and what I'm learning on the harmonica.

Knowledge is not something that settles suddenly.


I'll give you an example, but here it's an English word, not a harmonica.It was a word that I couldn't learn easily when I entered junior high school at that time and started studying English.

Listen (Listen: Listening means) I don't know why I get a tee when I read Roman letters, but I don't know why I read this as listening.
However, "Listen" enters T by all means.

Well, I'm an ordinary person, so I forget what I did once.
I know well to forget.After all, I remember that listen was not able to write after a while.


So i'll start over again before I forget.That's a repetition.
Now this troubled word remains in my head the most.


First of all, let's do the amount.Then... Let's fail.
The reason is that the quality is not understood by not doing the quantity.
If you can't, you have to make up for it with quantity first.

As for the quality there... Each person I should say something different, so I'll omit it here.Because the standard of the quality is different for each person, too.


First of all, rather than quality, quantity!
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I got a good-by-confidence ale from a musician about this article that I happened to have left by writing❣️