wet the 😆 harmonica with a swallow saliva poop 2018,

What do you think....

 —- Pooping about saliva as a lubricant        

Harmonica players make it easier to play harmonica.

I'm going to lick the mouthpiece.     


After practicing the harmonica last night, clean up the hole in the harmonica mouthpiece with a cotton swab while rubbing your sleepy eyes!Wipe off the dirt with a cotton swab moistened with alcohol.Have you imagined the swallow's nest, a high-quality ingredient many times, while wiping it off?... It began to recall.

Swallow's nest is not Chinese food.

It is three major delicacies.Shark fin dried abalone and swallow's nest!

The swallow of the swallow's nest is a kind called an swallow.

Swallow's nest is made up of salivary gland secretions.

In other words, it is said that it is glued with cement to make a brick house.

Shape your nest with saliva!

Even if you wipe off the hole of the mouthpiece with a cotton swab every day, if you are careless, isn't there something like a film stretched slightly?💦

This is.... In the swallow's nest

Is it something similar and different?

No no.... I don't think there's an or something like that.

I'm so... d ( . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

NotSwallow!?Ha ha by myself!It has been.

Swallow... Hole swallow... Ana-spit me

... The association runs around like a soccer player like a running horse light.

(World Cup 2018 First Match Japan vs Colombia 2–1✨ This match was crowded just at this time.))

Well collect this film to high-quality ingredients .... There's no such thing as ^ω^)


...........   Below, it's a bit of a maniac story ...........

About the components of 📗😬 saliva

First of all, it is about the component of saliva.As mentioned above, saliva has various effects, most of which are composed of moisture.Strictly speaking, 99.5 percent of saliva is made of moisture, and the remaining 0.05 percent are made of ingredients that have various effects.In other words, only a few components in saliva play an important role.At the end of this story, I will write for those who want to know.


Saliva has seven effects.I will explain what kind of action each is, but it is the second action that I use in the harmonica.


1 Digestive action

Humans use glucose as an energy source when they are active.However, glucose is not present in the food in the diet that humans consume.It is contained in carbohydrates as starch that glucose is bound to.In starch conditions, humans cannot absorb into the body, but it is decomposed into glucose by an enzyme called amylase, an organic component in saliva, and it is taken into the body.If you don't bite well and eat saliva, it will be painful to digest, and you will put a strain on your stomach.


2 Lubrication action

There is a viscous protein called mucin in the component of saliva.It has the effect of getting food wet with saliva and making it easier to pass through the throat.In addition, it moisturizes the mucous membrane in the mouth, smooths the voice so that the voice comes out well, and has the effect of protecting the oral mucosa because the mouth is cut from food and irritation.Saliva is greatly related to getting older, making it difficult to swallow meals, or having dentures hurt.


3Sale action

Saliva breaks down food to make it easier to feel the taste.This is because the taste substances contained in food dissolve in saliva.The taste buds on the surface of the tongue are highly sensitive to taste substances, so you can determine the taste of various foods through saliva.On the other hand, if there is no saliva, the lubrication effect disappears, the tongue rubs and the taste buds disappear, and the tongue becomes inflamed and the taste buds become infective.Without saliva, it becomes difficult for humans to feel the taste.


4 Self-cleaning action

Saliva continues to be secreted not only at meals but also when sleeping.By being constantly secreted, it washes away the food in the mouth and the dirt on the teeth.It also contributes greatly to the action of washing away bacteria in the mouth, carrying them to the stomach, and sterilizing them with strongly acidic stomach acid.In this way, the self-cleaning action of saliva in the mouth can maintain a clean oral environment 24 hours a day.


5 Antibacterial action

The mouth is always exposed outside the body, and bacteria invade through water, food, plaque on the tooth surface, etc.Saliva also has the effect of preventing the invasion of such bacteria.

Saliva has various anti-bacterial components, but a typical example is an enzyme called lysozyme.This breaks the tissue of the bacterial cell wall and helps to prevent the growth of bacteria.Lysozydes have antibacterial properties that work on many bacteria that have cell walls.Lactoferrin, a glycoprotein, adheres to bacteria by itself and inhibits the development of bacteria.Immunoglobulins called IgA also suppress bacterial growth.

In this way, there are about 10 kinds of things with antibacterial components against bacteria in saliva, which has a very strong bactericidal effect on saliva.The expression that it heals if the spit is put on when the animal licks the wound or is injured is very reasonable.


6 Remineralization action

Our teeth cause demineralization when they are stimulated by acidity.The phenomenon that the surface of the tooth melts by the acid produced by the caries bacteria is an easy-to-understand example of demineralization.On the other hand, saliva has the effect of remineralized demineralized teeth.Hydroxyapatite in saliva has the effect of repairing the teeth that have begun to melt again.This is called remineralization of teeth, and it is one of the important effects of saliva.


7 Buffer action

As mentioned at the remineralization action, teeth dissolve easily with acid.This is not a phenomenon that occurs only with acid produced by tooth decay.for example, acidic drinks, stomach acid, etc.The teeth begin to melt when the mouth tilts to acidic.This acidic-leaning action that returns the environment in the mouth to neutral is called buffering action, and saliva plays a role in it.


In this way, saliva has various effects, and it works to keep the body healthy.Saliva is amazing.


  • Inorganic and organic components of saliva

Components other than moisture in saliva can be broadly divided into two components: inorganic and organic.Inorganic components contain the following substances:

Sodium, potassium, bicarbonate, inorganic phosphorus, calcium.

The organic components of saliva contain the following substances:

Amylase (enzyme), IgA (immune substance), lactoferrin (antibacterial substance), lysozyme lactoperoxytase (enzyme and antimicrobial substance), mucin (protein)

Saliva contains so many different substances.