How to choose a harmonica 2020.8

What kind of activities are you doing as a stay home?

I'm of course a harmonica and more.

In my private affairs, I've been working other things from last year to this year.

There is a part that was not easy.


Half of this year is over, but in the second half, everyone wants a harmonica!I'm going to try to play a performance that I want to try.

I just met Dr. Tokunaga, who was coming to Tokyo for a Tokyo lesson yesterday, and talked about harmonica at Taniguchi Musical Instruments.

And today's theme is how to choose a harmonica 2020

Yes, let's advertise here for a moment.I'll put a link below.Harmonica is an Taniguchi instrument in the water of Tokyo Ochanomizu.

It's a harmonica mecca.It is only with Taniguchi musical instruments such as national competitions and various events😊

Even if I advertise it, I don't get any benefit, but

However, I think that it is good to buy it without examining where it is cheap by etc. because all the staff are kind and will get on the consultation of the harmonica later.Lol

Harmonica can be used for a long time, so it's best to buy something you really like.

The rest... I... Humanity that seems to be lost more and more now... I don't know.

The humanity around the harmonica is a guy.The reason why it became good is that it is a bonus, and it is thought that it is harmonica that there are various things, and the sound improves in the depth.

I think that the harmonica can be thought of as a kit to speak for the voice of your heart.

Well, the introduction became long.


Actually, I tried to play all the harmonicas in the shop a long time ago.

However, it is not a position that I was able to say that this is bad though each maker also made the product with various characteristics and individuality.


So I didn't make it into an article.It is evidence that each harmonica is still lined up in the store ( ^ ^^ )

The photograph was at that time.The price might be a little different from now.For reference.

Taniguchi Musical Instrument Harmonica Corner







Well, I have never learned anything other than the recorder of the school education when it comes to playing musical instruments.

Therefore, it was not trained the muscle to blow.

When I played the chromatic harmonica for the first time, I wondered what power it must have.How can I play quickly with this!?️

But I can do what other people can do.

I regretted buying it.Not.....

However, I thought that I did not want to waste it because I bought it with great pains.

No matter how you go up, you can't blow doremi fasolaside cleanly.

That's what I choose...... Recommended for beginners.The price is about ¥22,000 to ¥25,000.



Made in Japan 🇯🇵 SUZUKI





It is made lighter than the inside of SCX48,56,64 (3-4 octaves) Sirius.The SCX64 is 4 octaves and the SCX48 is 3 octaves.

Hohner 🇩🇪 German Chrononica-280 (4 octaves)





To be honest, I think these are the most kind to beginners.

Three octaves are easier to blow than four octaves.


When I started the harmonica, I couldn't play anything that I couldn't play, and I remember buying it by making full use of the information that I could look up on the Internet, such as whether this mouthpiece might not suit me.


And, these are these two that I of the de amateur chose.

The standard 1. introduced here is "light!Easy to blow!Cheap!

Easy to use in terms of the future maintenance,

No dissatisfaction" (o^^o)

※ Do not replace with your skill here!No one really can do it well at first.I understand well!


The price of 4 octaves is about the same.(Please excuse some errors.)The price is also different depending on the shop.)


There is another criterion 2. I would like to tell you as a point to choose.

Do you prefer bends?(From half-tone to one sound, it is to change the sound by the excitement and lowering of my tongue in the mouth) Do you like well-balanced sound?It is.

It is a detail to the last.

There may not have been anyone who first referred to bend in the chromatic harmonica^^;

To tell the truth, when I went to the world championship, I was told not to use it like that by a veteran Japanese player.The deterioration of the harmonica is remarkable.

To say that you can bend, the harmonica itself is soft in the way of making the sound,

If you bend too much, the harmonica is easily damaged.That's how much the lead is put on it.


Especially if you are a beginner, you tend to think that if you play any sound in the same way, you will get a sound because you don't know what to say about the amount of sound.It's totally different.But I can't say it's not good.

Why?That's because you don't know it unless you experience it yourself.But you should do that kind of acrobatic later.In the first three months, the sound of super64 went wrong and the damage was terrible, and Tokunaga sensei laughed at a considerable amount of practice and a lot of practice.

Depending on the height, even if it is the same de, the high de and the low de are different in the way of sending the breath.

If you practice bend in such a condition, you will not hear the sound suddenly?What symptoms may appear.This is a fear for beginners.

The because the lead inside may fall into the plate by being forced to blow or suck.

Well, when I talked to other harmonica teachers, they told me that it was impossible that one year had passed.


Well, if you are going to buy a harmonica from now on because it is such a thing, please refer to it.

The video below is a blow of Sirius and HOHNER SUPER64X before, but there was a person who put too much heat in the video editing rather than the sound comparison, and it was not possible to compare it with the comedy video of the blowing of the angle.Please close your eyes and ask.



Also, my teacher, Dr. Tokunaga, who is not a musical instrument store, adjusts Hohner by himself and sells it, so you may come to me or contact the teacher.