Eliminate stiff shoulders!Stretch for Harmonica

If you hold the harmonica firmly and fix it, your shoulders will get stiff, won't you?

The muscles at the base of the shoulder shrink, and the fascia adheres.Blood circulation is getting worse, and after practice, if you loosen it up, you'll be comfortable.

In fact, muscles and fascia can slide to each other and move freely.If you leave it alone too much, your muscles may not be able to move well.


We introduce the fascia massage which effectively removes the adhesion of the fascia and the muscle, and removes the stiffness of the depth.


That's what I learned from a personal trainer.If you don't use a tennis ball, you can use your own hands.

I try to turn my arm wide while holding the part and its surroundings with my finger, but before that, I often solve the glittering 🌟 part of the photo.

About a minute is enough!


It is very effective to press the place where it hardens with a tennis ball.

Come!By all means!Please try!

And if you get stiff from side to arm... I also loosen it with a powerful foot massage device in the gym.

People laugh at me.But if you have a harmonica for a long time...

I'm going to put it up too (* ' ' 😉

The photo is

I'm loosening it up(^_^;)

It is eliminated of putting it from the side to the fingertip.