Freedom is painful and fun.

When I looked at the post the other day, the mail from Dr. Tokunaga was mailed.

I couldn't see you this month.

It was very stressful this month. My family's condition was not good, or I was transferred to a hospital.

It is to be held at the moment by saying only the presentation and the performer of Tokunaga classroom in Osaka, but the announcement, the letter of handwriting, and the teacher's answer 😄







When I showed up for the last lesson, I couldn't express jazz songs well, so I held my head.

Because I still don't like the ad lib that becomes Hitoko verse. I know what I like. There is a habit of doing the adventure on purpose suddenly at an important time, too. But sometimes I don't like myself like that.

Now, I'm looking forward to seeing how my teacher cooks my troubles. (o- o) ❤️


I also know that the condition of the sound that seems to enter the labyrinth is probably a place where jazz fans are crowded.

The fact that I know is that I'm getting more and more full of jazz...


People who know me well think they know every thing because they know I'm very diligent, but the more I know, the more questions I find.


At JAZZ, there are a lot of mismatches between understanding words and understanding of the head.


Because the ear decides that it is better to choose the sound than to think. That's still my problem, but...


When I think about words and theory, I think about something ad lib and constrain it myself.

If you don't constrain it, the melody will float on its own.


However, there are things that I feel like I'm going to be inferior to being able to do it simply, and I've put away what I've made, and I want to be a teacher after all. I'm worried.

To tell the truth, there is a song which likes without ad lib while remaining simple.

Gorgeous ad libs sometimes feel like English gardens. (*^o^*)



After all, the teacher has a lot of experience. But sometimes it doesn't agree with my senses. In such a time, I change it a little. I like that I'm still studying like that.

If you don't change this place like this, you won't be like me! And.


Learning freedom is actually hard.

I have to put out a go sign to myself.

This is like a life choice!

What's that🎶

It became fun when I was writing.

Ad lib

I wrote a cartoon that Nyorognolo came to disturb me when I thought I would have Snafukin in Moomin Valley solve it.

Andrew was staring at me from behind.

Hitoco (history)