With the development of the harmonica

Recently, I had s mouth flame with the harmonica, and I was in pain and troubled, so various thoughts came up.

While working on harmonicas, you can teach me the tang block of classical playing, and I will teach you the tips of blues harp... I get advice on harmonicas with great players. Chance is strange. I don't want to waste such a wonderful meeting, so I have no way but to practice what I was taught. It is these days that I have become a position to teach myself harmonica from the range of hobbies in such a way.

Well, I will write as I can think of. 😊

Tang block playing method... I adjust and blow the sound while blocking the hole in the harmonica with my tongue. It's very hard. My tongue is miserablely beautiful buds (mirai = grains that can feel the taste) are damaged and peeled off, s mouthitis can be done and it is swollen and painful. But I don't think there's anything that humans can do! Packers can do it all day long, but they can now blow.

On the other the other,there is a packer playing method. I learned harmonica this way.

This is a very easy-to-understand harmonica that is easy to understand by clicking your mouth and sending air into the hole of the harmonica.


The story is a little side-by-side, but the blues harp is basically a tang block. Four years ago, I studied Hohner's harmonica site (for a fee) during the free trial period. It's been a frantic few months. Overseas sites were difficult if there was a problem with cancellation, etc., so I learned with a rabbit.

However, it is a different problem to be able to actually blow it when I studied, so I wanted to concentrate on chromatic harmonica from now on, so I couldn't get better.

Horns to rabbits, only repetitive practice to learn. (Which blues harp is easiest to blow?) I also thought about. Bottom of photo From right: NANJI (SUZUKI) MARIN BAND (Hohner), Special20 (Hohner) and bottom fabulus (SUZUKI)









In any case, you can't make a beautiful sound unless you train quite a bit on any harmonica.

I'm full of thoughts that I want to pull out more and more of the lovely sounds of the chromatic harmonica.

This is a bit embarrassing and sad, but I can't help it. When I am worried about my family's condition and face helpless feelings, I practice harmonica alessly ...

The tone of the harmonica is said to give comfort to the heart of the human being who is really blowing ... That's why I think... Oh, it's healing.

Oh, my God! And this is also common! 😄

It is a story that is not good, but if you exhale the resentment in the home with the sound of the harmonica, it is very good for stress relief!

As I began to teach harmonicas, students were pleased that they were able to do this rather than be depressed if they could not be harmonicas.

Have the harmonica get better = Use the harmonica well to teach you how to relieve stress and 😂

You're not? I think that only this spirit is universal even if this is away from the medical field.


Well, it will be cold from now on, but I will play while slimy in the harpage, practice the harmonica while relaxing in the living room ... It's all right😄💗