Orange peel making for harmonica

I make orange peel to play the harmonica.


The reason for this is that I want to use the harmonica in a pure and refreshing mood.

Breath refreshing

Refreshing mouth

When you blow the harmonica, the essential oil component limonene of orange

After a meal, on an empty stomach, and chewing peels make your mouth clear.

I feel good to be able to practice.Perfect as a bad breath care product!



Yes!Motivation will also change!


The picture is portable in an empty can of candy.

It is the one that I cut the orange peel which I made and put it in.

I want a skin and peel the beeswax at once.

In Chinese medicine, we use the skin of Wenzhou orange as a skin-dried clothes and made into herbal medicine as a chen skin, mainly aromatic stomach and antitussive.


Recently, there is a kind of orange called Konatsu, and my friend said that it was good because I could feel the moist and different taste if I made it without taking too much white sawta part, so I made a moist type this week.

Make ganache cream with fresh cream and chocolate

If you coat it, it will transform into a high-quality confectionery!

Before this blows the harmonica

Not as a dessert, not as a dessert. 

How about tea time?☕️

If you think about it carefully, it is also recommended for wind instruments in general, orange peel

I use not only orange peel but also citrus peel and make various things such as lemon peel.

Thank you for reading the article!

How to make orange peel

Favorite orange 🍊 peel

Granulated sugar

Remove the citrus so that the part of the light white sawa remains slightly.

If you remove it completely, it will become a hard peel.

Oranges are good for pesticide-free.However, because there is not necessarily a citrus of pesticide-free,

After washing well.The size of the skin which is easy for me to handle

(I'm a quarter size) and spill it 3 or 4 times.

After that, add 3/4 of the granulated sugar and skin and remove the moisture.

Coated with orange peel with granulated sugar as shown in the photo.


Orange peel without sugar...

Put it on the net and dry it in a sunny, airy place.

It can be dried in the refrigerator, but the sun is better.

(It lacks softness because it is only drying.)

Then orange peel is homemade is good.The fragrance when chewing with the mouth is better than the one on the market at all.


I love it so much, so I'll show the quote from Wikipedia below.

Orange peel

Source: Free Encyclopedia Wikipedia

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Orange peel

Orange peel

Citrus peel covered with chocolate

Orange Peel is

  1. Orange peel, or dried ones.
  2. Orange peel is boiled down in sugar water, dried and dried fruit.It becomes a confectionery material.

Orange peel consists of dark flaved color (o[1]uter peel) and white fibrous albe[2]do (endotheliu[3]m).Flaved has countless oil follicles and contains essential oils such as limonene, which has a citrus-specific aroma.Albedo contains polyphenols such as quelsetine and hesperidin and is the source of bitterness.

I cut it raw with a grater and make an orange liqueur, or mix it with pulp and make marmalade.Dried ones are used for herbal teas and potpourri.

Processed into dried fruit becomes a material for confectionery such as cakes.It may be as it is edible.It may be coated with chocolate.

The albedo part of the fiber is rarely used because it has a bitter taste as described above.

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