What I think when I make a nursery rhyme [red dragonfly]

※ You can see the video of the red dragonfly in the lower.

Steady activity

To be alive sober ....

I think it's going to be this age when it's great.

(This is what I think, and how I am reflected in others is another matter.))

You can see this one shot which was impressive in the movie red dragonfly with the tone of the harmonica.










I like "monozukuri".

Right... It is to make.

And when it's done...

I want you to praise me a little bit.


This dish was delicious.And such
I think I was able to draw this picture beautifully.


It catches in the eyes of one person of Hong


If you could say a word
I'm happy (^-^)

I think I'll try again.







Ordinary daily life is gone by without a stop.

What shall we do next?

There is no crisp enthusiasm, and if you focus on what you do next and what you are doing now, you don't have to think about trivial things.


I guess I'm going to wipe the floor with a rag today!

We have big birds, so the floor gets dirty in no time.


Let's have a fulfilling day today!


Making videos of red dragonfly


By the way, it took a day yesterday, but I spent a lot of time making my videos.


I was glad to see a video made by some of my friends.


I really like nursery rhymes, and I keep my children's elementary school songbooks.

Because I like nursery rhymes, of course my children grew up listening to nursery rhymes when they were young.

The first nursery rhyme video is "Akatombo".

I used a picture of my daughter.Young as she is, she is having a hard time because she is ill.It's not an ordinary struggle.

She is looking forward to making this video.

I'll show this to her.


I was conscious of making the sound of insects with a harmonica.