Love Plants/Grow Herbs/Life with Harmonica

I learned today that loving plants is an unexpectedly laborious job.

I'm a little embarrassed to confess... Planter plants... It was thought that it was a life span when it withered already, and it had been disposed of.

I'll give you some water until it really dies.

Planter of planting... It's very fashionable and nice with a lot of things in it, but when you grow up... It doesn't become sama in any way.

That's not all.

When it came to observe the plant well recently, the change of the leaf came to be able to be seen.

The plant i bought was just one color and it was nice at first. If you look closely, the leaves are skas even though they have not faded, the color of the leaves have changed, or are not eaten by insects. Well, I can't help it.

I tried to replant the herb so that it would somehow regain its energy.Fortunately, there is a friend who gives wisdom, too, so it is replanted into a big planter while listening one by one.It's about taking the time to do this.... I came to think that it was a rich life.

Is it too late to think like this by now?

But I'm in a hurry and try to do something right away.

They try to avoid wasting time.There is still a long way to go.

Peppermint and sage are transferred to another planter.

Toast with lebab jam and looking at herbs as a snack

On the other hand, the bottom is the master's house of the life work which teaches me variously.The garden is lively.