Harmonica Improvement / You Can Play More Than A Pro!

Well, it is an article that mochivation goes up.

I'm a long way at practicing the harmonica.

I think it's essential to improve.

It is a guy called experience value.

But!This is a good report.\\( 'ω' ( . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

I had talked with a person who is a radio station before.

It was the difference between a professional and an amateur.

Actually, it's all!it has to do with the story of progress.

First of all, the difference between a professional and an amateur is called crisp.

A professional is a person who can do music almighty.

So what about Ama?Are you an amateur because you're not good at amateurs?

Can't you play professionally?

It was said that it was different from the conclusion.

Sometimes amateurs are more amazing.If you're an amateur, this song is the only one!I'm going to practice hard.It's really amazing!
Whether it's a year or two, this is it!I'm going to practice until I say that.
I want to listen to such music!If you're a professional, you have to do almighty songs, so you can't get the amount of practice per one.You're good!That's it.
[Even a professional is no match for such an amateur's performance]
...... It was said so.

This person has been on TV and other popular songs for a long time when he was young.

It is a person who was doing the studio musician etc.

I heard what a professional really is.

Now you'll practice, right?Can't you get the motivation?

What was matured is more than a professional performance.

They impress a person

That's why you started the harmonica with great pains, because you can't match the performance of a professional!

If you work hard at your own pace,

You may be able to play the songs you're practicing now better than a professional.

Different people have different ways of practicing harmonica.Time and skill to be able to take

I don't remember.

Isn't this good except for the person who becomes a professional by all means?

Please do your best to practice your favorite songs!(*☻-☻*)

I'm sure you'll be impressed by the people listening to your song when you play it (^-^)

Isn't it wonderful?

I want to listen to such a song!

I'm comfortable too (o^^o)

I'm ashamed to say that I was holding a handkerchief at the presentation of Mr. Yamashita that existed the other day.I cry when I'm moved by whether my lacrimal glands are weak or not.

My family was hospitalized on that day, so I didn't know if I could go to the presentation in the morning.That's why I couldn't listen to a lot of people playing, but...

Even if you don't become a professional, I'll try to put your soul into a song that I thought is my own!Hey?

This is efficient and the time to progress

Even if it is not enough to become a professional,

Isn't that a possibility?

Moreover, it is a wonderful workmanship.

Treasures!Let's save!

In two and a half years, I was able to receive the Excellent Award at WHF.

It was a song of Tokunaga sensei arrangement with a high degree of difficulty.

With a song called Herbie Hancock's Water Melon Man

What's the bluesy sound?

It was my music favorite.

It was hard to practice.But specializing in this practice

No chorus phrases

I was able to score from "I like" it.

The other songs are the same.

At this point

It was not able to blow.

This story is another time... What is the practice at this time?

Because there was a wish element, too...

Yes, it was painful after a short period of time (^-^)

After that, the song at this time is also the basis of the present.

But since I practiced so much, I'm completely tired of practicing, so if I'm suddenly asked to play, I might make a mistake.Lol

But when you make a mistake, please smile warmly.I am in the same position as you who see me blowing.And i smile when I see what is different from me and what characteristics you blow.


This article is an addition to the progress and practice of the harmonica uploaded on July 7, 2019.