Video EditingOlivion 1st.Step

  1. Ad lib... There are times when I don't think I need complicated ad libs. I think that it is a thing to think with age, but I think that it is not tired if it is simple and does not decorate while listening to music. (That's what makes me fall in love with it.) )(о ́∀'о)

However, there is a good ad lib if such a song is also in like a spice.

Today's theme was made from such a place. (^^)

In particular, it is not done with other musical instruments, but the image may arise when you practice harmonica while backing an easy sound source made by yourself. If the sound of the image is a little off, just correct it.


I don't think I need ad libbing, but I put it in the song a little bit.


I think that it will change in the future because it is still a shoya, but I will continue this work as it is.


The obrion of the song band neonist Piazzolla that I had been trying to practice for a long time. In Japanese, it is "oblivion".

For the time being, the first video (TAKE1) was completed like this today. The video below.




I would like to mention my improvements in TAKE 1 first.


  • Ideally, I wanted to play this song at a slower tempo, but I'm impatient, so I practice speed early when I practice.

(But I've recorded it so that it's not easy to hear, so it's okay.) )

  • I know for myself that I have a feeling of searching for sound.
  • I'm just getting started and the way I'm blowing is not stable.
  • Consider effective vibrato positions
  • The sound is too loud to adjust.


...... Is that the point?


With that in mind when it comes to performing, I'd like to take TAKE2.


Video editing

Since there are a lot of requests and advice in my videos, I would like to upgrade the video itself from the things I have now.

Because I was busy this time and the PC environment was bad, I did not participate in the online presentation of Mr. Yamashita. I thought that the online presentation was excited by making full use of various images. (^^)

Instead of just uploading the videos I took, I decided to create them using photos that I had a lot of ine creations.

Until now, I had uploaded a video by pasting a sound source recorded on a photo, but it was just a book-ass-you-go with a photo on the music. Yes, I think this is going well, isn't it? It was a feeling that I was having to take my luck.

I tried to match this song called Obrion with the scenery of the city that I had been to on a trip before.

It is a city with a thought.

Christmas market in Nuremberg.

This is where I met the chromatic harmonica.

My daughter and I were walking around, and she was so sick that she walked around on her day off.

I thought it would be good if I could do something good with the photos I took there.


Today, I'm going to get a rough balance between video and sound.


I look forward to what will happen next ✨✨

Thank you for always seeing me.