Harmonica Practice/Selection for Improvement

If you're going to make an article about improving the harmonica

Mr. Tokunaga happened to say it in his blog.

That's true.I'm also writing for myself.

Even though I think so, I'm still immature, so I can't do it at all.

the current situation.

I'd like to quote you.

I'll also write my own method in the back.


Even if you know a song every day
Even if it's a song I don't know at all
Likes and dislikes
To play
It is a great learning experience.
For that
The original song and
Cover a lot of people
Listen to it on YouTube
atmosphere and
I'll use it as a reference for ad lib.
A lot of keys and
There are various rhythms and tempos.
After that, I cook in my own way.


It's my own way of practicing.

I'm still not strong enough

1. From the difficult songs that I am trying to finish,

I try to play some memories of simple songs that are associated with it.

2. Try to play your favorite songs in various tones.

This kind of practice will make it easier for you to come up with your own favorite phrases and lead to the characteristics of your own ad libs.


Even so, Professor Tokunaga's musical activities are very active.

I upload new songs every day.

When I looked at my teacher's blog, I watched YouTube.

Because I keep watching related videos more and more in the related

If it is a little my character, it is dangerous at busy time (*.*)

When there are more things you have to do

I don't have time to take it easy.

Well, it's a matter of course💦