Harmonica maintenance/air is dry

After all, the harmonica which sucks and makes a sound must practice in a clean place of air😓 there is a thing that it was impossible and the germ enters the parotid gland and suffers from parotitis.

It's not because it's an instrument that sucks and makes sound, but in the season when colds come into fashion, the danger is greater because you're sucking something in an image and making a sound?I will be conscious of that.

Whether it's a chromatic harmonica, a double harmonica, or a blues harp.

Well, today I'd like to show you the maintenance site.

If the maintenance inside is not firm, dust may gradually adhere to the inside.

The details are wiped with alcohol carefully with a cotton swab, but one effort is added.I put essential oils with antibacterial properties in alcohol and wipe them.

I feel good when I start sucking.😊💦💓


It is better to have a high QOL for a fashionable life with a harmonica, a life with a moisturizing harmonica, and a life with harmonica😄💕


  • Also, when I remove the dirt from the plastic plate, I use a brush with a good paint of material.Use something!There are various sizes, too.

    The brush used in the maintenance

    I use it when dust of the plate decomposed by maintenance is covered.

Before you know it, dust is on its way.

An old brush I used to paint when I used to draw tempera paintings.White is pig's hair🐷 brown is surreal.These are safe because the hair does not fall out.Please be careful because the brush hair may come out if you do not use it.


I wash the harmonica and work on a glass wipe cloth or pet sheet when I wash the harmonica and get wet to put the harmonica during disassembly.Towels are never used because they have fluff, so if you adhere to small pieces of yarn or something, you will never use them.

The photograph is the place where the yogore is dropped by putting it together in the kitchen detergent.It doesn't look dirty at first glance, but sometimes it removes all the dirt like this.






After that, there was such a thing.

When I checked it finely, the hole of the slide lever was used and it spread.The return of the lever was bad.It may be difficult to understand in the photo because it is a small hole, but the hole was deformed into an ellipse and the lever operation did not go well.


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