Harmonica Blowing Comparison (HOHNER SUPER64X vs SUZUKI Sirius) & Private Ad Lib Method

Hohner Super64X (formerly) and SUZUKI Sirius

Try a lot of things!

Trial and error recently.I make some videos, and first I try to make interesting videos with the awareness that I can enjoy themselves and that other people will laugh at me.


Now, it is Hohner Super64X (formerly) and SUZUKI Sirius who tried to blow and compare.





While receiving comments from many people, Horner is a kid general.There is play in the sound.

Sirius is an honor student.Uniform and unbreattered.

I felt that the words were just right.


I use it according to the mood at that time, preference, and the situation.There is no such thing as which is better or worse.Both sound attractive.


And about ad lib, but it's funny added in the video,

I try to stick a few sounds to the karaoke phrase to see if this sound matches while separating the phrases.That's how I'm ad-libbing.Therefore, the more you blow it, the more you get used to it and the more sound you will hear. 

(You can see the video that the parrot is talking only three sounds below.))




All of Me used as a material this time, scale G.It might not be difficult to blow suddenly for a moment.If you haven't become used to it yet, the scale may be good (C major).

And i'll add briefly.







('-').oO Snake foot

To tell the truth, there is a ups and downs of the mood because it does not meet the person in the stay home.There is originally a ups and downs of the mood, but it has become bigger, but it is to break away from it.


My personality... Looking back


Rather than just uploading videos of leaving, with a feeling of entertaining people!

Let's make the movie with such feelings so that it takes time and effort lovingly in the dish!

Then, it becomes fun for some reason.




The source of the depressed feeling is a lot of corona recently ... It's a well-known fact.

。From last year to this year, the state of the bee continues continuously on the crying surface.Family health and work.My family's health problems have had a tremendous impact on me.

I'm stuck.Mentally and financially, the damage is great....


But if you feel down.


Right... You have to struggle and crawl up before you fall perfectly.






It is said by the son who is painful in Europe for Corona and is close to me who is suffering.

You've done this far with concentration.

Don't get depressed!

You're Great and Wonderful. .... their scolding encouragement

I'll make it good to myself.

Don't be depressed!And.