Moon River/ How to Blow

The sage and parsley came back to life.It was a warm feeling.And the fresh wind and the soft sunshine.


On weekends, I was busy with my daughter's hospitalization procedures and was busy all day long.I've lost my condition in this climate again, but I just hope it will get better soon.

When I blew the Moon River, my daughter told me that she was able to sleep well.

It was less than a month when I tried to play with a gentle tone so that my daughter could sleep well.

So the theme was healing.

At that time, I recorded it.

Well, it is a story of harmonica. 

I'm practicing harmonica, but I haven't used a score this time.I don't play alone because only jazz friends are around.

Because of this, we are always practicing without relying on music.

Because there are a lot of sound sources around, I use it to choose my favorite one and make a mood.

In a jazz session, you have to replace how you perform with instruments that match the tone, speed, and rhythm.And what do listeners want?I think that it will be a good performance only if it divides it by TPO.

The video below shows musicians coming to our house to get rid of the lack of practice at stay home.Yes, it's a jazz session.I took care of it 2m away.Lol




One by one

When I woke up this morning, the continuation of the Moon River came to my mind. I'll play the harmonica later.

Back to life parsley and sage!I got well after seeing something doing this.