He has been diagnosed with cervical myelopathy (cervical spondylosis).

I can't believe it when I look back.A few months ago.

Time passed by to practice desperately for the live in the middle of April even if the condition improved. It was written like this in the diary at that time.

February 10

The dominant hand's right hand is paralyzed.I can't get any strength in my extremities.

I can barely hold a pen or chopsticks.I can't hold the harmonica.

Still, there is freedom in the inconvenience.And today I feel a little bright.


while grateful it's thanks to this remarkable development of the present day

I tap the screen of the iPhone lightly or voice input while I am lame,

Write down what you're thinking now.


Fortunately, paralysis and numbness of the extremities, pain . The pain is not so strong.You can lie down in a bed and chat through SNS.You can post.

Net video to online shopping.

I wonder how many things can be done while sleeping.

It doesn't block your feelings.


The danced fingertips chose a light study of Toots Thiermans.

I feel proud to myself that I can do various things even though it is such a body.

The input of the finger which strikes the character is slow, but there is no time limit.

But... Living in hiding?What a time!!!


Time goes by slowly.

I spent most of the day from New Year's Day sitting in a chair or lying down.I took a break from harmonica practice on New Year's Day.I watched the prime video for six hours, which I had become an Amazon prime member but didn't have time to watch.

If you suddenly try to get up from your chair, you won't stand up.

Blue!!!If it moves, it becomes severe pain.

It's a jerky waist!?

A few days later,

I was examined by an orthopedic surgeon at the hospital, but I don't know if it's a jerky waist.I took an X-ray and an MRI.It is said that there is a place where cartilage is worn out and the spinal cord is pressed.


Anyway, I was told not to move too much.

I should have gone to the hospital because of severe pain in my lower back, but gradually my limbs became paralyzed....

What the hell is this?

But i'm going to be able to manage it..........


I lie down on my bed and get sleepy.a hollow relief

It is as if it returned before it was born while wrapped firmly in the blanket.

Is it such a feeling that it floats in amniotic fluid in mother's womb?


After this, I had a letter of introduction written at a spinal hospital and was diagnosed by a specialist.


"Aside from all the symptoms, you don't have surgery and you're not sick!You don't have to come to this hospital, go home."

What you mean...... As a result

I'm just a jerky waist

And the symptoms become stiff because the muscle membrane was not able to move for a long time.

It followed the passage that the body was paralyzed.

After that, it was hard.

My muscles are completely waning.

The soles of my feet soften like babies, and it hurts just by walking a little.

I whipped the body that was still lame, and

I received a treatment to have the fascia loosened by stretching the sports body (although it should not be called treatment in reality).

Muscle strength has fallen, and it is still unsteady.

I'm going back to my original healthy body and feelings.

I was able to go to the hotel live safely.

I have a feeling that a lot of things will happen this year.